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Jimmy on Hitting The High Note Podcast

Jimmy from The Dead Electrics on Hitting The High Note Podcast! Hitting the High Note Podcast showcases music from all genres. In this podcast, Kevin from HTHN interviews Jimmy from The Dead Electrics about the bands origins, influences, top 5 metal bands and the backstory to some of the songs!...

The Dead Electrics Skin & Bone on Stepping Out Episode #180

The Dead Electrics single Skin & Bone was featured on Stepping Out's Podcast, Episode #180 Stepping Out featuring: DJ Joe Dorgan, and Beaux Vigil present a weekly Podcast of retro and new alternative, dark wave, synth, new wave, goth and more! Stepping Out was broadcast on KXCR in the 80’s...

Popolio Podcast Interview with Jimmy of The Dead Electrics

The Dead Electrics Interview with Freddie Rodriguez of Popolio! (05/09/2020) In this interview we talk about working with Freddie in past music projects, how The Dead Electrics started, new music coming out and more!